Victor Svorinich, owner and director of The Guitar Academy┬«, received his Doctorate in Arts and Music from Drew University in 2009. He has studied at Rutgers University-Newark where he received his B.A. in Music Performance (1999) and his M.A. in Jazz History and Research (2001). Dr. Svorinich has been a music educator since 1999. Along with teaching privately and conducting workshops, he is a music faculty member at Kean University. As a musicologist, Svorinich has devoted an extensive about of research to the academic community. He has several publications in jazz history including “Electric Miles: A Look at the In A Silent Way and On The Corner Sessions” (Annual Review of Jazz Studies, Scarecrow Press, 2003), Listen to This: Miles Davis and Bitches Brew (University Press of Mississippi, 2015), and “Moore on Moore: Reflections on the Studio Life, Columbia Records, 1957-1995.” (Association for Recorded Sound Journal, Vol. 51:1. 2020). He is also currently the bassist in Breathe: NJ Pink Floyd Tribute.

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