The Guitar Academy® is a private music education and fine arts school that offers in-home instruction in New Jersey. Our philosophy is to provide the best possible music education to students of all ages and abilities. We focus on a comprehensive and well rounded education process, meeting each student’s particular needs and interests. In this process, it is necessary to work with musical aspects such as theory, composition, technique, history, ear-training, and various repertoires to meet these needs. Because The Guitar Academy emphasizes musical and educational diversity, we provide expertise in many styles of music including classical, jazz, rock, and pop. A significant portion of The Guitar Academy is devoted to high school and college preparation. If a student is inclined to work in a high school music curriculum or study music in college, we make every effort to see that the student is prepared for any audition and curriculum associated with that university, conservatory, or institution. Over the years, we have had many students graduate into top music programs across the country. In several cases, scholarships were awarded based on the student’s academic progress in music. We have graduated students who are studying or have graduated from Princeton, Stanford, Cornell, North Carolina, Rutgers, Kean, Indiana, Delaware, Duke, Michigan, and many more.

School Policy

To ensure our students receive the most comprehensive and well-rounded music education, adult students and parents are required to agree to The Guitar Academy’s enrollment agreement in order to begin their private music instruction or ensembles.

In-Home Class Rates

30 minutes: $220 per month
45 minutes: $300 per month
60 minutes: $380 per month
Tuition is due no later than the 15th of each month.
Monthly tuition is a flat rate from September through June regardless of additional weeks or holidays in the month. Summer lessons work on a customized schedule.

Trial lessons and gift certificate packages are available.
Please inquire about special family and other discounts.


Both adult and youth ensembles are conducted throughout the year. Please contact us for schedule information.


24 hour notice must be given in order to qualify for a makeup lesson.
With the exception of the summer schedule, no months can be prorated under any condition. If proper notice is given, each student is allowed up to 3 makeup lessons per year scheduled at the convenience of the teacher. If the student cannot agree to a makeup lesson time by the end of the year, that lesson will be forfeited. Makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled.

If a student is not home for the allotted class upon teacher’s arrival, no makeup will be given under any condition. If this occurs habitually, The Guitar Academy has the right to revoke that time spot.

Lesson Times

Please allow a window of at least 15 minutes before or after your allotted scheduled time in case of unforeseen occurrences (traffic, weather conditions, etc.). The teacher will notify you if he/she is running late and will conduct the full lesson upon arrival.


To schedule a lesson please call 973-943-9164 or email RelayerNJ@aol.com.