Team Building Workshops

Team Harmony through Music

“I love this idea for team building. I had the opportunity to learn the bass and play in a corporate band a few years back and it was the best team building I have ever taken part in. Victor helped me get ready to play in front of 6,000 Wyndham hotel owners and he is really a gifted teacher. Give it a try.”

-Ross Hosking, President,

“An innovative workshop that unites staff through untapped musical talents and team building exercises. In a non-competitive, creative atmosphere Dr. Svorinich leads the group, first as individuals and then as a group, through the basics of the guitar. The outcome demonstrates the importance of the individual’s contribution to the success of the entire team.”

–Gayle Carlson, Director, East Hanover Public Library

Dr. Svorinich and his staff will come to your workplace with all materials, equipment, and instruments, set up in a convenient place, and conduct a one hour workshop with one assignment: to learn how to play music together. The group will be given guitars, percussion instruments, vocal sheets, and will choose from a given pool of popular songs from a variety of music and work with their team and instructors to learn how to play it together. After rehearsing, the group will be filmed performing the final musical piece. Our workshop is designed for absolute beginners, for an entirely new challenge allows people to step out of their comfort zone and think out of the box, resulting in a stronger team building experience.

Music education is a unique way to promote team building skills, divergent thinking, and by doing so, increase your company’s morale and productivity. Our goal is simple: to provide team building training and creative thinking opportunities through musical group performance.Strong business environments are no different than bands where trust, adaptability, communication, and passion are required in order to operate.The Guitar Academy® strides for a positive working environment without judgment, only people thinking creatively and objectively to achieve a goal, obtain new skills, relax, and have fun.

You always wanted to play. Now here’s your chance.

Here are examples at Keller Williams in 2017: