Hanover Board of Ed.


 Dear Friends,

I am running for the 2021 Hanover Township school board election and need your vote.

I’m a proud dad and educator, not a politician. I’m a professor at Kean University with over 22 years of teaching experience. I completed my Doctorate from Drew in 2009. I strive to push the strong values and development our great schools have always provided us.

Obviously, these are unprecedented times. There are too many divisions in our community that are effecting our students, parents, teachers, and way of life. There is a lot more we all have to accomplish together.

My daughter will be attending Salem Drive School next year and I promised her that she will be in good hands once she gets there.

This time, vote like their life depended on it.


Svorinich B.O.E Viewpoints

  • Education, Not Indoctrination. Children need to learn how to think, not what to think. I believe all students must be encouraged to think creatively, critically, and compassionately.
  • Fiscal Responsibly and Educational Transparency. Curriculum and fiscal spending must be public information. Parent engagement in all scholastic activities should be encouraged. Pod learning and other separation tactics have a negative impact on our education system and community as a whole.
  • Students, Parents, Town First. Listening to the needs of the community as a whole and not having personal agendas, much like what occurred with the holiday ban in Randolph.
  • Opposition Towards Sex Education in Early Education. Let the children be children.
  • Zero Tolerance for Bullying. Keep our schools a safe place. Teach strong values from the beginning. Parents and schools can effectively work together by following the 3 R’s: Recognize, Respond, and Report.
  • Keep the Arts in the Curriculum. Arts education has been statistically proven to benefit a child’s overall academic performance and allows students the opportunity to thrive in diverse subjects, especially if they are not mathematically or scientifically inclined.
  • Remember, you are voting for an educator and a dad, not a politician. Dr.Svorinich is a professor at Kean University and has been a teacher for over 22 years.
  • This campaign is aligned with candidates, Jeff Basile and Mike Rinaldi. All three candidates share similar viewpoints and together, will strengthen our Board of Education.